Todd Gross

Expert Video Marketer

Since 2007 I’ve known how important it is to syndicate your videos.
SyVID is an easy to use, straightforward software that lets you publish and share your videos to multiple video sharing and social media sites, the ULTIMATE in syndication! It’s a great way to get more exposure to your videos and turn that into free traffic.

Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta

Teknikforce India

Never keep all your eggs in one basket, especially when you can reach out to a bigger user base. SyVID helps publish to multiple video sharing sites making it easier for us to expand our user base and get more traffic. Recommended for anyone doing anything with videos!

Neil Napier


Unlike other video marketing apps that rely mostly on guess work, SyVID does something that’s plain and simple and works. It’s a no brainer to be publishing your videos on multiple platforms and get traffic from there as well.

Paul Okeeffe

GlobalNinja Marketing

SyVID is one app that I would recommend to everyone into videos. This makes it easier and faster to upload multiple videos to multiple video sites and then share them as well. I highly recommend this to anyone doing video. The agency upgrade is a huge plus as well.

Plus:  Act fast to lock in your AGENCY license and use SyVID to rake in hundreds of clients per week as a video marketing genius!

(Agency license unlocks the ability to use SyVID for your clients, giving you the license to use SyVID to syndicate & publish your clients’ videos, generate traffic, leads & conversion for them and start raking in premium benefits!)

Page #1 on Google For Popular Keywords by our users

Here’s How
SyVID Brings You Fast, FREE & Hyper
In Seconds…

First, your video is uploaded to 7 major video websites, bringing instant traffic…

Next, it’s automatically shared across 7 social media websites…

bringing in juicy backlinks that boost your rankings in Google and send even more free traffic straight from social media…

Here’s The REAL magic…

This 2—punch combo of mass syncing and social media backlinking ramps up your view count… and the more views your video gets, the higher it appears on video websites and Google search results!

Unstoppable Traffic In 3 Simple Steps…

STEP 1:  Select & Upload Automatically

Choose a video to upload to SyVID, hit Sync, then sit back and watch your video spread across 7 major video sharing websites including…



STEP 2:  Share Videos To 7 Social Media Sites

As soon as your video is uploaded to all major video sites, SyVID automatically shares your video link across 8 major social media websites:



STEP 3:  Instant Traffic & Ranking

As your video picks up more views, Google ranks it

higher in their search results… sending more traffic and views to your video!

Within hours, your video will be getting a lot of views, so the video sharing websites start placing it at the top of their search results too!

Everybody is now sending you more free traffic — and all you had to do was push a couple of buttons to “set this thing on fire!”

Why SyVID Is
The Most Powerful Video Promotion
You’ll Ever Need…

REASON 1: One-Click Connect

Our One-Click Connect technology quickly connects all your video sharing social media accounts by simply clicking on an icon and securely entering your credentials. Now you can publish to multiple accounts at the push of a button!

REASON 2: Connect Multiple Accounts

Have multiple accounts in YouTube or Twitter? Now you can automatically post videos to all your connected accounts within a single website, across 9 video sharing websites and 11 social media websites. The possibilities are endless!

REASON 3: Video Based Campaigns

Easily organize your video syncing campaigns inside your control panel. Keep track of users, videos and entire campaigns, so you can progress without stress, and know exactly what’s happening at a glance.

REASON 4: Title, Descriptions & Keyword Spinner

Worried about posting the same video to multiple sites and accounts, and getting slapped with dupe content penalties? No problem. SyVID can automatically spin your video’s title, keywords and descriptions across each video sharing website, to avoid duplicate issues. This is a great way to test multiple titles, and see which one get the most views, clicks and conversions!

REASON 5: SEO Rank Score

SyVID generates a unique SEO Rank Score for each title, keyword and description when you’re uploading the video, showing you exactly what is required to get better video rankings on all the video sharing websites and reach Google page #1 too.

REASON 6: Easy Scheduling

Schedule videos to upload on a certain date and time, and even schedule SyVID to share at a certain date and time too. Perfect for publishing videos when your target audience is waking up, or relaxing at home, or simply letting SyVID take care of everything while you’re away from your desk, having fun.

REASON 7: 100% Whitehat and Approved

SyVID is a 100% whitehat video distribution app that does not violate any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

REASON 8: Cloud Based

There’s nothing to download or install or configure. Simply login to your SyVID account and start publishing and sharing videos in minutes.

REASON 9: Proven & Tested Product

With over 100s beta testers and 3 months in research and development, SyVID is battle—tested traffic getting tool you can rely on.

Get Traffic the FAST & EASY way!

Forget wasting hours uploading a single video to multiple video sharing websites, and spending another hour posting the link to all your social media accounts.

Now you can quickly syndicate and share hundreds of videos across all your accounts in just seconds!

No more tedious guest posting

No more boring blogging

No more cash draining advertising

No more recruiting affiliates

No more slaving over SEO

No more begging for backlinks

No more seedy networking

Just hit the button to upload your video…

click “Sync”…

… and BOOM…

… your video is sprayed across the web in seconds…

… giving you instant exposure on 9 major video sharing websites…

… and 11 traffic packed social media channels…

bringing you a stream of perpetual free traffic!

And that’s just ONE video.

Thanks to SyVID’s lightning fast syndication technology you can…

Upload, Syndicate & Share
100s Of Videos Per Hour…Day… Or Week!

Can you imagine the kind of traffic you could be getting from 10, 15 or even 20 videos uploaded to Vzaar, Wordpress, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youtube, Facebook and Blogger? What about 50, 70 or 100 videos?

We’re talking about thousands of free visitors… all watching your videos, then pouring into your landing pages and offers… building your list… clicking your affiliate links… exploding your conversions. KAA—CHING!

It’s NOT Your Fault!

Here’s why your videos are bombing…

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute — THAT’S why!

Think about it — the moment you upload your video to just YouTube, it immediately gets BURIED under hundreds of fresh new videos from other people!

Video With

It’s true… if you want your videos to get TONS of views, traffic and sales, all you have to do is OUT PUBLISH your competitors.

That’s why we created SyVID…

… now you can instantly sync your videos across multiple video sharing websites and social media channels…

… instantly out publishing your competitors…

… and forcing your videos into people’s eyeballs!

No More Manually Uploading & Sharing Your Videos To Multiple Websites!

SyVID’s one—click technology syncs and shares your videos at the push of a button, saving you hours of hassle and endless screen gazing.

Now you can sync dozens of videos per day… in a few quick clicks!

No More Logging In & Out Of Different Social Media & Video Accounts!

SyVID allows you to connect multiple video channels and social accounts, for fast, easy, push button publishing whenever you need more free traffic.

No More Duplicate

SyVID automatically spins your title, keywords and descriptions across all the video sharing websites…

… allowing you to share the same video multiple times, across multiple websites, without penalization.

It’s also great for testing different titles and descriptions to see which gets the most views!

More Free Traffic
From Every Video!

With SyVID's built in SEO ranker, you’ll see exactly what you need to tweak to get your video rocketing up the search results, and raking in thousands of extra views each week, month and year.

This Is Your Secret Weapon For
ENDLESS Free Traffic in any

Just look at the traffic and exposure we’re getting by syndicating across all the major video sharing websites and social media...

Why Create Videos
If Nobody Is Going To See Them?

You’re working hard to create videos.

You’ve even bought fancy tools to speed things up.

But what’s the point if nobody is gonna see them?

Right now, you have three choices to get views…

1. Pay to promote your videos.

2. Hope and pray your video goes viral.


3. SHARE THE CRAP out of your videos so they can’t get ignored!

With SyVID, it’s easier than ever to share your videos across the web…

… and finally beat your competition hands down…

… by simply “outsharing” them!

This Is NOT Spamming…

you’re using a fully approved, legal and whitehat technology to ethically syndicate your videos across the web faster and easier than ever…

… without spending hours or days manually slaving over logins, uploading, sharing the hard way!

Use SyVID To Explode
Your Traffic & Clicks For Any

Local Marketers

Marketing Agencies



Social Media

Ecom Store


Product Creators


“Celebrity Level” Views & Traffic…

Watch how fast you can shotgun your videos across the web, and get instant eyeballs on your content in seconds from now…

“Page #1 Ranking Our Users Got”

Empower Your Videos With SyVid


One click video syndication and social media sharing

Add multiple social and video accounts

Automatically spin title, description and tags to avoid dupe content penalties

SEO video ranking assistant

Auto scheduler






Other tool 1






Other tool 2






Todd Grosss

Video Marketer

"Since 2007 I’ve known how important it is to syndicate your videos. SyVID is an easy to use, straightforward software that lets you publish and share your videos to multiple video sharing and social media sites, the ULTIMATE in syndication! It’s a great way to get more exposure to your videos and turn that into free traffic."

WARNING: If You Want Traffic In 2019-,
Creating Videos Is Not Enough!

The fact is, video now accounts for 74% of all online traffic…

… and studies show, video turns more people into buyers than any other content.

But creating a few videos and uploading them to a single YouTube channel won’t cut it.

You need to be EVERYWHERE.

It’s obvious…

… the more places you show up, the more people you’ll reach, and the more views, clicks and sales you’ll make from every video.

Problem is… sharing and promoting videos is still SLOW.

Not anymore!

With SyVID, you can instantly fire your video across the major video and social websites with a single click... bringing you free traffic, leads and customers faster than ever before.

Just click once, then sit back and watch your traffic explode right before your eyes… as SyVID shares your videos across dozens of video and social websites in seconds!

Stop Wasting Money
On Freelancers

(and risking your privacy!)

With SyVID, your videos get synced fast and free across all major video and social websites… faster than you can hire some hack on Fiverr.

Why pay someone $5 every time you want to syndicate a video, and another $5 to share across your social media channels?

With just a few videos, that starts to drain your wallet…

… and you’re putting your private information, logins and business intel into someone else’s hands.

Screw that! SyVID takes care of your video syncing and social sharing, in just seconds… free from prying eyes and strangers you’ve never met.

Hit The Button Below Right Now

To Get Instant Access To SyVID, Before Your Competitors
Get There First

Plus: Act fast to lock in your AGENCY license and become an overnight video marketing genius, helping biz owners promote their videos, and taking on multiple clients per day, before you’ve even had lunch!

Buy now and you’re also unlocking the full agency rights to use SyVID for client work — promoting and syndicating their videos around the web in seconds, and raking in full video agency benefits to press a couple of buttons!

Your agency license unlocks 500 video uploads per week, and allows you to connect 100 video sharing website accounts to syndicate to.

Ssssh — don’t tell your clients how EASY it is to promote their videos with SyVID! They’ll happily hire you to promote a handful of their videos… because you’re saving them hours of work!

But you have a secret weapon they don’t know about — SyVID! Which means you can rake in manage multiple clients per day doing video syndication and promotion for your clients, before you’ve had lunch!

Now You Can Have All The Traffic & Clicks
You Need From Your Videos!

You don’t need to burn
cash on ads

You don’t need insider

You don’t need world
class content

Just fire up SyVID right now, and start sharing the crap out of your videos on all the major video sharing and social media sites, over and over again… and dominate your niche with pure BRUTE FORCE EXPOSURE!

Stop Slaving Over Videos
That Don’t Get Traffic Or Conversion…

Just imagine if you KNEW that your next video was going to get thousands of views… hundreds of clicks… and dozens of buyers each week?

How exciting would that be?

Just think… no more worrying about creating a video that gets ignored and wastes your time. With SyVID, you can be sure that every video you create will finally get the exposure, clicks and conversions it deserves.

This Is Your Secret Traffic
Getting Weapon

Saving You Hours Of Work

With SyVID, you’re saving hours of manually uploading to all the major video sharing websites… and even more hours of posting the video link to all your social media channels.

In Just Seconds, Your Video Is
“Live & Kicking” On Dozens Of Video
& Social Media Websites, Creating A
Perpetual Traffic Machine…

Your Investment Is Fully Protected
With My 14—Day Traffic & Sales

This guarantee gives you 14 days to test drive SyVID, and see if it’s right for you.

I want you to use SyVID right now, in the next 5 minutes, and see how quick and easy you can start getting free traffic for your videos.

See how much money you’ll save on freelancers, and see how many hours you’ll be saving on manually uploading and sharing the videos by hand.

Upload your first video in the next few minutes, and I guarantee, if SyVID doesn’t help boost your video’s exposure, traffic and sales within 14 days or sooner…you won’t pay a single dime.

Instead, I’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

(You can even keep your account, free of charge, if you decide you want to use SyVID again one day.)

The point is — I know this works. I’ve used it, I’ve seen the results, and I KNOW it can work for you. Just give it a shot, and prove me wrong!

Plus, for a very limited time…

Your Own SyVID Agency License

Use SyVID To Become a Video Marketing Rockstar, & Get Conversions
For Hitting a Few Buttons Each Day!

With your agency license, you can upload 500 videos per week, and syndicate to 100 video sharing website accounts.

This could easily become your main source of income, or a fantastic side earner for your main business.

There are thousands of biz owners who need help promoting their videos and getting more traffic to their websites.

Now you can be their HERO…

… using SyVID to flood their videos with views…

… and crush their servers with non—stop traffic!

This is such an in demand service, you could easily charge per video…

… and because SyVID allows you to sync and promote 500 videos per week…

… you could be KILLING IT per week!

Can you really afford to let that kind of opportunity pass you by?


Do you really want to keep slaving away, uploading your videos manually, and tediously sharing the links on all your social media accounts by hand?

Or do you want an awesome video syndication shortcut that will save you time, money and finally allow you to get the traffic and results your videos deserve?

The choice is yours, but here’s the deal…

you need to stay ahead of the game and get started using SyVID before your competitors catch wind.

Don’t miss out on the potential boost to your outreach and conversions, yours for the taking now at a great price!

Secure Your Copy Of SyVID Right Now,
Complete With Agency License, Before It’s Too Late!

SyVid Lite

10 Video Upload Weekly

SyVID ­ Lite

SyVid Agency

500+ Video Upload Weekly

SyVID ­ Multi

Todd Grosss

Video Marketer

"Since 2007 I’ve known how important it is to syndicate your videos. SyVID is an easy to use, straightforward software that lets you publish and share your videos to multiple video sharing and social media sites, the ULTIMATE in syndication! It’s a great way to get more exposure to your videos and turn that into free traffic."

To Your On-Going Success
Abhi Dwivedi

P.S — Remember, SyVID saves you hours of manual work, by syndicating your videos to 7 major video sharing websites and automatically posting the link on 13 major social media channels for you… bringing you tons of free exposure, traffic, leads and buyers that most video publishers can only dream of!

Hit the order button right now to secure your copy — along with your agency license — before we raise the price, or completely close this offer down at the end of our launch!

P.P.S — We’ve seen the power of video syndication for ourselves and our trial users. It’s an insane advantage that gives us way more free traffic than any of our competitors who are slugging it out the hard way for views. Even the experts agree, syndication is where it’s at — the more you share, the more views you’re gonna get. And views mean clicks… and clicks mean conversion!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. - why am unable to connect to Vimeo now?
Ans. — The Vimeo is not working temporarily due to change in their Api Policy. We are making changes in Syvid to make it in compliance with the updated Vimeo Policy. We deeply appreciate your support and patience.
Q. - Does this work on Mac or PC?
Ans. — SyVID is a cloud-based app so yes, it’ll work on your Mac, PC, Tablets and even mobile phones. You can login and sync videos from anywhere in the world, using any device.
Q. - Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
Ans. — Absolutely! SyVID comes with a 14 Days Money Back Guarantee. You can take it out for a spin and we guarantee that you’ll love the kind if traffic it can get for your videos, or you don’t pay a dime.
Q. - Is There Training?
Ans. — SyVID is dead simple to use, but also comes with detailed video and PDF training and tutorials that can be accessed right inside the dashboard. You can always reach out to our support team if you have any questions.
Q. - How is SyVID Different & Better Than Other Similar Apps?
Ans. — Unlike most other tools, SyVID syndicates to 9 major video sharing platforms, and allows you to simultaneously share your video across 11 major social media channels, all with a single click. It also features an SEO ranker tool that shows you how to tweak your video for tons of free SEO traffic, and even spin titles, descriptions and keywords to make each submission unique from the last, and avoiding duplicate content penalties.

Lock In Your Instant Access
To SyVID Right Now

Including Your Own Agency License
Before Your Competitors Get There First!

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